Crystal Smith


When Stephen Smith went missing in 1982, Crystal Smith was only two years old. Allegedly, the reason Smith was murdered was so the mother, Dawn Soles, could get custody of Crystal.


The bears are waterproof, and will be delicately placed in your yard with very narrow gauge wire stakes. These will cause no damage to yards, flower beds, or gardens. Each mauling lasts one day, and will be collected by members of the 2017 Senior Sober Mauling Movers. (Photo submitted by Erika Enloe)


Just as a group of crows is called a ‘murder,’ and a group of deer is called a ‘herd,’ a group of bears is called a ‘Maul.’ 



Thank you City of Leavenworth for approving the road improvement on Whitman St. It’s long overdue.

Greg Pressel





Monday, April 10

07:34 Vehicle prowl reported at 412 Cascade St. 

08:19 Weapons violation reported at 17446 River Rd. 


Prepare to be transfixed when Dangerous Women return to Snowy Owl Theater April 23 at 2 p.m. to present “Spellbound.” This year’s production features 12 mystical women from history who dared to embrace their own power and vision. (Photo submitted by Rhona Barron)


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