Wrestling team is bringing a lot more kids to the mat this season

Winter Preview

Back row from left to right. Jose Valdez, Oscar Joya, Austin Curry, Cole Warman, Cameron Barnes, Efren Guerrero, Eric Rosario, Hunter Reinhart, Bryce James, Saul Vizcaino, Angel Onate, Middle Row: Rally Baker, Gunnar Balzer , Isai Claros, Alexis Ibarra, Jesus Sandoval, Julian Alvarez, Victor Oropeza, Adian Arceo, Alex Ruvalcaba Front Row: Joseph Wall, Juan Martinez, Jace Seely, Emanuel Gil, Axel Martinez, D’Andre Vasquez, Daniel Sandoval, Ricky Barragan

After the last two years ending second in the league, Cascade wrestling coach Jesus Sandoval, is coming into the season with high expectations for the boys. After six years of coaching, he is seasoned when it comes to getting the team ready for the mat, but this year there is a new element that could propel the team to go further than before.
    "For the last six years I’ve been trying to build a competitive team. Every year we compete to win everything. The last few years one of our struggles was not having all the man to fill in all the weight classes," said Coach Sandoval. "This year we might be able to fill in every weight class. I’m hoping that this year we can compete to win the league title. We have a great group of kids who are finally flourishing to do great things at the state level."
    Struggling with filling all of the weight classes may not be a barrier for the boys to overcome this year. With having enough numbers, it in turn helps give the coaches more options. It also provides an opportunity for the wrestlers to face competition internally within the team which results in forcing everyone to get better, according to Coach Sandoval. That being said, there are still some obstacles to overcome this season.
    "It is great that we have good numbers but at the same time a lot of these kids have never wrestle before," said Coach Sandoval. "It is obvious that we have two different groups in the wrestling room, the veteran wrestlers and the new or freshmen wrestlers. Fortunately, the veteran wrestlers are great leaders who will make sure we can get the best out of the new kids."
    One of the returning wrestlers is Juan Martinez who in the previous season went to state as a freshman at 106. According to Coach Sandoval, he is returning at 106 and eager to return to state as well. Along with him, Daniel Sandoval made it to state his sophomore year; and, despite not making it last season, Coach Sandoval is confident that the experience gained last year will make him work hard to head back to state again.
    Some wrestlers are returning after being subsided with an injury. D'andre Vasquez was unable to complete the season after getting injured at regionals the previous year. However, Coach Sandoval expects him to make a big jump this season. As a freshman Hunter Reinhart made it to state, but due to a knee injury he didn't compete in the 2017 season. Reinhart is returning this year and the coaches have big expectations for him as well.
    "For the last few years different adversities have kept us away from reaching our goals as a team," said Coach Sandoval.
    The wrestlers are returning with various motivation whether it's rebounding after sidelined from an injury, a desire to return to state or launching into their first season as a wrestler. Regardless of motivation, the season is looking bright for the team.
    "I’m looking forward to see many of these guys to finally flourish in the sport of wrestling. I’m hoping this year can be the year we can see some results from all the hard work these guys have put in," said  Coach Sandoval.

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