Dangerous road


This letter is to make all aware of a campaign for donations to a very important cause. If your residence or work requires your travel on Icicle Road and the bridge across Wenatchee River, or if your business generates traffic, and if you or your children walk or bike, etc. in this area, then you know the importance of this safety effort by a group called “Icicle Road Concerned Citizens. 

 Many people speed on Icicle Road, especially on the straight stretches. These people might just be late for work; it might be out-of-town visitors heading for a weekend of camping, rock climbing, or rafting; it might be trucks that service Sleeping Lady; or it could be cast, crew or ticket holders for Summer Theater productions! It could be any number of people speeding on Icicle Road for any number of reasons! However, the people who are speeding on the road and the bridge can’t be paying attention to the speed they are going, nor are they thinking about the consequences if they were to hit a biker, or walker, or horseback rider, or deer, or jogger, or anyone! 

 The possibility of hitting someone or having an accident is heightened while going across the bridge, as there is no legal sidewalk and no bicycle lane! This is why we are raising money for flashing lights at each end of the bridge, hoping to make people more aware of an unsafe situation. Perhaps it will encourage them to slow down, not only on the bridge but on Icicle Road itself. Please deposit a check in the account of “ Icicle Road concerned citizens” at cashmere valley bank. Thank you so very much, to all who have already donated, and who have perhaps helped save a life!

MaryCarol Nelson


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