Letter to the Editor

Great Idea ­— Wrong Location


Recently it was reported in the “Echo” that there is talk of putting in an “Adventure Park” on the corner of Hwy 2 & Icicle.

It is my belief that we are looking at huge traffic & pedestrian problem that will only get worse if the park is built. This park would be much too close to the downtown core that already is hurting due to increased traffic and little extra space. If this park were to take place, we would create an even larger traffic problem than now exists. As a resident that drives Icicle Road many times in a day I can tell you there is a great potential for huge accidents. Currently there are so many cars going in so many directions we a looking at creating an even larger problem. We also have the problem of people using Icicle Road to cross the road. Now you will add even more foot traffic on both sides of Hwy 2 as well. 

Here are other reasons why this is not the spot for a park:

1. The mountainside to me is too steep and nature would be disturbed. 

2. Most of the proposed “rodelbahns” that I have seen have been outside of the town core and mostly in rural areas but with much less grade. Yes, there are some with steep grades but they generally are located in ski areas and are reached by gondolas. You can Google this and see for yourself. 

3. The increase in pedestrians.

4. There is limited parking that currently exists and if the developers think this will be as popular as anticipated…they have a problem as does the city. 

5. We already have a problem of limited parking with festivals. Folks are already parking on both sides of Icicle during festivals.

As indicated before this is a great idea but bad location. That mountainside is fine just as is and I would like to see it stay that way. I do not look forward to more traffic at that intersection. When I moved here over 20 years ago the traffic on Icicle Road was very light to be sure. Due to the increase in homes and the expansion of Sleeping Lady the traffic is so much worse these days. 

These are just some thoughts as to why I hope and pray that this project does not take place. 

The public comment period on the Adventure Park project has opened following the City’s release of the Combined Notice of Application and Preliminary SEPA Determination. Comments are due to the City by August 14, 2018. If you are concerned I suggest looking at the http://friendsofleavenworth.org/issue/adventure-park/ which has complete information. 

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