Shame on you Hill Street LLC

I just read the article regarding The Hill Street LLC to oppose the fire department expansion. I am certainly surprised that anyone in our community would so strongly object to the Fire Dept. wanting to expand their facility in the future. It makes perfect sense for the fire dept. to try to acquire the vacant, unused 5.5 acres that the School District is considering selling to them. The land improvements are already there, thus making any future expansion plans far less expensive. Mr. Bottoms asked if folks in Plain would want this facility in their back yard. I say”absolutely yes." Most fire stations and their surrounding property are impeccably maintained. I would prefer that to weekend property owners who let their property go to weeds.
I am not surprised that Mr. Bottoms is spreading misinformation to promote their “cause." (A jail, indeed!). The few property owners that purchased on Hill Street knew that there was an existing school and fire station next to the road that leads to their homes. Mr. Bottoms stated that it was not the intention of the LLC to file lawsuits and I say that is exactly what will occur. I don’t understand how a small group (less than a dozen) would oppose a future expansion to a existing fire station, in a community that also will continue to grow. Any plans for a building will undoubtedly be more pleasing to the eye than the aged current metal building.
Chief Lamar has been very open and honest with our community about the potential acquisition of the school’s unused 5.5 acres. He is heavily involved in this community and I wish to say “thank you for your service”  Our firefighters put their lives on the line for us every time they respond to a fire both locally and in other communities. Please support their vision for our community going forward. Shame on you Hill Street LLC

Linda Hiteshew
Leavenworth, Wa.

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