Tourism Impact


In regards to the article concerning the impact of tourism I take issue with several of the positions posted by the Leavenworth City Council. We live on North Rd., so outside of city limits. We have lived here now for ten years.

The council’s position that there weren’t more tourists just poor traffic control certainly isn’t supported by the massive traffic jam that both highway 2 and North Rd. became during the festival days, nor is it supported by the crowds in town, the overflowing sewage, and the absolute lack of any parking anywhere in town. In ten years we have never seen as much traffic on our road as we did this past year, we simply could not leave our home for fear of it taking hours to reach town and return. 

That being said, when traffic and parking were two of the major concerns in our community how is withdrawing support for the Snowtrain going to alleviate these concerns? These people do not cause more traffic on North Road, they contribute to less traffic. How absolutely short sighted. Our city council, and Chamber of Commerce should be supporting plans that bring tourists in on public transportation, and not undermining those efforts.

Clearly the city council is determined to not only ignore and deny the real problem, too many cars, but also contribute to it.



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