Echo offers new subscription program

Plan hopes to help local charities

The Leavenworth Echo is offering a new subscription program designed to help a local charity develop a sustainable income to maintain opeations.

Upper Valley MEND - Meeting Every Need with Dignity - operates the community cupboard, thrift store and provides assistance with medical issues to those in need. To help them provide that valuable service to our community the Echo is launching a new subscription program.

The program is modeled after a program in Portland called A Dollar for Portland. That Program challenges Portland residents to donate $1 per month to provide health care to those who cannot afford it. The program works well in a large metropolitan area like Portland but not so much here. 

We decided we could offer a monthly subscription plan to the paper that includes a $1 donation to MEND. Here's how it works, You sign up to pay for your Echo subscription at $5 per month billed automatically to your credit card. We will donate $1 of that fee - 20% to MEND every month. The subscription is entered into the credit card processing center and will bill automatically each month until cancelled. 

There are over 5,000 homes in the Upper Valley. If everyone of those homes signed up we would raise over $5,000 each month to support MEND. 

While it is true the Echo will also benefit from the program we will be paying all of the costs of collection and administation so that MEND will actually receive the full dollar from each subscription sold through this program.

We hope you will join us in making this program one that strengthens our community while working to keep you informed about important news regarding life here. 

Here's how to sign up:

  1.  Click on the subscription ad on the web site
  2.  Complete the form that pops up
  3.  Click submit at the bottom of the form
  4.  We will call you to get your credit card information to enter into a secure website.
  5.  It may take a week before your subscription is active under this program.

If you currently have a subscription but would like to join this program, wait until your current subscription expires. When you get your billing notice sign up on line.

Questions? (If you have questions call the office at 548-5286 and we will address them.)

  1.   A prospective subscriber asked when will my card be charged every month? That is up to you we can set the date in the system to be any date you would prrefer. 



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