Sheriff/EMS Report for Feb. 20-26



Monday, Feb. 20

04:32 Welfare check requested at 2626 Cottonwood Ln. 

08:44 Non injury accident reported at 233 Whitman St. 

10:02 Hazard reported at Chumstick Hwy. & Beaver Valley Rd. 

12:41 Burglary reported at 12855 Ranger Rd. 

15:41 Agency assist requested at US97, MP164. 

17:01 Civil issue reported at 22003 Stirrup Rd. Plain. 

Tuesday, Feb. 21

10:20 Theft reported at Kristall’s Restaurant. 

11:33 Theft reported at The Loft. 

11:53 Welfare check requested at 815 Front St. 

12:14 Suspicious activity reported at 12795 Shore St. 

13:30 Alarm reported at City Hall. 

17:16 Hazard reported at River Rd, MP2. Plain. 

21:31 911 call reported from 12613 Prowell St. 

Wednesday, Feb. 22

01:37 Agency assist requested at 12125 Detillion Rd. 

07:49 Suspicious activity reported at 200 Mine St. 

12:36 Alarm reported at 18632 Beaver Valley Rd. 

13:17 Vehicle theft reported at Eagle Creek Rd. 

14:17 Suspicious activity reported at 127 Mill St. 

17:07 Welfare check requested at Gazebo Park. 

18:41 Suspicious activity reported at 922 Commercial St. 

Thursday, Feb. 23

13:43 Civil issue reported at 426 Cedar St. 

20:23 Suspicious activity reported at Icicle Train Station. 

Friday, Feb. 24

01:42 Extra patrol requested at Safeway. 

07:58 Animal problem reported at 12500 Wilson St. 

11:31 Public assist requested at Icicle Brewing. 

11:37 Traffic offense reported at Chumstick Hwy. MP1. 

16:57 Burglary reported at 9230 Deadman Hill Rd. Dryden. 

19:01 Malicious mischief reported at Icicle Junction. 

20:01 Suspicious activity reported at Alpenrose Inn. 

22:00 911 call reported from 214 13th St. 

23:47 Public assist reported at 213 W Whitman St. 

Saturday, Feb. 25

06:36 Extra patrol requested at 9700 Derby Canyon. 

10:27 Theft reported at 13961 US2. 

15:06 Agency assist requested at US2, MP101. 

16:53 Welfare check requested at Andreas Kellar. 

17:30 Civil issue reported at Jerry’s Auto Supply. 

18:59 Trespass reported at Hampton Inn. 

19:05 Suspicious activity reported 214 13th St. 

19:35 Parking/abandoned vehicle reported at 4088 US97. 

20:16 Civil issue reported at Commercial St. 

22:54 Agency assist requested at 6176 Campbell Rd. Peshastin. 

Sunday, Feb. 26

00:46 Disturbance reported at 575 Alpine Pl. 

09:09 Suspicious activity reported at Black Swan. 

09:42 Civil issue reported at 3432 Hansel Ln. Peshastin. 

11:20 Property issue reported at Commercial St. 

15:35 Animal problem reported at 11206 US2. 

17:44 Alarm reported at 3199 Allen Ln. Peshastin. 

18:29 Traffic offense reported at Chumstick Hwy. MP2. 

20:10 Attempt to locate/contact person at Squirrel Tree. 

Fire/EMS Responses 

Monday, Feb. 20

10:11 CM,CC3,CC6 responded to an injury accident at US97, MP174. 

11:44 CM,CC9 responded to a traumatic injury at 2265 Pine Tree Rd. 

14:55 CM,CC9 responded to someone with chest pain at 34450 US2.

15:40 CM,CC3,CC6 responded to a fall at US97, MP164. 

18:39 CM,CC3 responded to a choking incident at Icicle Village. 

Tuesday, Feb. 21

19:50 CM,CC3 responded to a cardiac issue at 7814 E Leavenworth Rd. 

Wednesday, Feb. 22

01:32 CM responded to someone in abdominal pain at 12125 Detillion Rd. 

09:12 CM,CC6 responded to an unconscious person at 3300 US97. 

10:29 CM,CC3 responded to a sick person at Mountain Meadows. 

15:54 CM responded to someone with convulsions at Mountain Meadows.

17:51 CM,CC3 responded to a fall at 9862 E Leavenworth Rd. 

18:23 CM,CC9 responded to a diabetic issue at 18480 Nason Ridge Rd. 

Thursday, Feb. 23

07:33 CC3,CC1 responded to a fall at 185 US2. 

08:08 CM,CC3 responded to a fall at 701 Pine St. 

16:42 CM responded to an unknown problem at Sleeping Lady. 

23:01 CM,CC9 responded to an unknown problem at 20303 Beaver Valley Rd. 

Friday, Feb. 24

14:55 CM,CC3 responded to an unconscious person at Mountain Meadows. 

17:04 CM,CC6 responded to someone with chest pain at Blue Bird in Peshastin. 

Saturday, Feb. 25

13:59 CC3 responded to a vehicle fire at 12720 Ranger Rd. 

15:10 CM,CC6 responded to a possible fire at Dryden Dump Rd. 

15:55 CM,CC9 responded to a heart problem at 21588 Lake Wenatchee Hwy. 

23:07 CM responded to a psychiatric issue at 6176 Campbell Rd. 

Sunday, Feb. 26

No report. 


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