Controlled Burn?


I just read where the young man responsible for the Eagle Creek fire in Oregon was arrested and charged. I also read, and it was reported on the Seattle TV news, where the medical journal The Lancet reported environmental pollution contributed to the premature deaths of about 9 million people in 2015 and the problem was continuing. The recent Van Creek/Eagle Creek fire in the Leavenworth area was caused by a Forest Service “controlled burn” that got out of control. Much of our area was blanketed for weeks with stiffleing, hazardous smoke and ash. Eagle Creek was posted with a sign “Smoke Ahead.” I called Forrest Service about the fire and smoke and that we could not go outside without masks and then had trouble breathing. Workers were still in the orchards trying to harvest this years crop. Forest Service informed me they were going to let the fire burn until it was put out by rains or snow. We have endured multiple years of Forrest Service controlled fires getting out of control. At what point can Forrest Service be held accountable the same as private individuals? 

Delores A. Sanford 


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