Sheriff/EMS report for Feb. 5-11

Monday, Feb. 5
02:33 Agency assist requested at US97, MP167
06:33 Injury accident requested at 11025 Chumstick Hwy.
08:35 Runaway reported at 17201 N. Shore Dr. Lake Wenatchee.
09:20 Property issue reported at Chumstick Hwy. MP1.
12:50 Suspicious activity reported at 9th & Commercial streets.
17:40 Suspicious activity reported at 263 Mine St.
17:54 Agency assist requested at 13995 Brae Burn Rd. Lake Wenatchee.
20:56 Suspicious activity reported at 9291 Deadman Hill Rd.
21:04 Traffic offense reported at 817 Commercial St.
Tuesday, Feb. 6    
07:28 Alarm reported at 920 Front St.
13:13 Court order violation reported at 11839 Chumstick Hwy.
15:13 Agency assist requested at 6145 US97.
17:04 Suicide threat reported a 9821 Eagle Creek Rd.
17:43 Court order violation reported at 5671 Mountain Lane Rd. Peshastin.
Wednesday, Feb. 7
00:10 Noise reported at 7530 Saunders Rd.
12:12 Civil issue reported 8901 Josephine Ave. Dryden.
14:40 Attempt to locate person at 8731 Deadman Hill Rd. Dryden.
17:00 Suicide threat reported at 9791 Mountain Home Rd.
17:09 Theft reported at 916 Main St.
21:01 Public assist requested at 10415 Titus Rd.
Thursday, Feb. 8
13:47 Welfare check requested at Safeway.
15:08 Traffic offense reported at US2, Peshastin light.
16:18 CPS/APS referral reported at 8488 Lake St. Peshastin.
19:29 Non injury accident reported at US2 & River Bend Drive.
19:40 911 call reported 10625 Ski Hill Dr.
20:06 Court order violation reported at Ski Hill Dr.
22:33 Agency assist requested at 11450 US2.
Friday, Feb. 9
00:50 Extra patrol requested at 9700 Derby Canyon Rd. Peshastin.
14:29 Agency assist requested at US2, MP93.
17:35 Suspicious activity reported at 18456 Camp 12 Rd.
Saturday, Feb. 10
00:59 Noise reported 12611 Icicle Ln.
02:32 DUI reported at Safeway.
09:30 Property issue reported 18588 Rieche Rd. Lake Wenatchee.
10:38 911 call reported at Der Ritterhoff.
11:12 Property issue reported at US2 & 9th St.
12:23 Property issue reported at Stevens Pass Resort.
16:13 Burglary reported at 2619 Larch Dr. Lake Wenatchee.
16:14 Non injury accident reported at 18898 Pine Loop. Lake Wenatchee.
20:45 Welfare check requested at US2 & E. Leavenworth Rd.
21:09 Agency assist requested at US2, MP98.
22:23 Burglary reported at 9864 E. Leavenworth Rd.
23:35 Suicide threat reported at Post Hotel.
Sunday, Feb. 11
00:21 Disturbance reported at Post Office Tavern.
11:49 Property issue reported at Enzian Motor Inn.
11:58 Property issue reported at Leavenworth.
15:43 Agency assist requested at 1636 N. Shore Dr. Lake Wenatchee.
16:23 Public assist requested at Chumstick Hwy. MP1.
18:47 Alarm reported at Beaver Valley Rd.
Fire/EMS Responses
Monday, Feb. 5
02:32 CM,CC3,CC6 responded to an unknown accident at US97, MP165.
22:50 CM,CC9 responded to an unknown accident at US2, MP89.
Tuesday, Feb. 6    
07:10 CM,CC3 responded to a heart problem at 423 Burke Ave.
Wednesday, Feb. 7
17:00 CM,CC3 responded to an overdose at 9791 Mountain Home Rd.
22:36 CM,CC3 responded to an unconscious person at Safeway.
Thursday, Feb. 8
22:33 CM,CC3 responded to a structure fire at 11450 US2.
Friday, Feb. 9
11:23 CM,CC9 responded to a sick person at 93 Jack Pine Ln.
12:01 CM,CC3 responded to a fall at 100 Enchantment Park Wy.
14:36 CM responded to an unknown problem at US2, MP93.
Saturday, Feb. 10
06:37 CM,CC6 responded to someone with convulsions at 9411 Lone Pine Orchards Rd.
13:42 CM,CC9 responded to someone with abdominal pain at Stevens Pass Resort.
14:10 CC9 responded to an illegal burn at 12141 W. Shugart Flats Rd.
Sunday, Feb. 11
No report

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