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For those who enjoy water sports, a number of outdoor outfitters in the area will help you gear up for some thrilling, exciting, wet, wild unbelievable fun! The Wenatchee River at the foothills of the towering Cascades reflects all the land around it, extreme and powerful in some areas, smooth and placid in others. Rafting season takes off in April and runs through October. Snow pack runoff ramps up the river’s water volume providing thrilling white water rafting adventures with class IV, III and II rapids April through mid-July. Several outfitters provide their guests with all the necessary gear a 17 to 20-mile, 4 to 5-hour journey requires.

As the sunny, dry temperatures persist throughout the summer, water levels even out and the Wenatchee offers incredible, slightly less white-knuckle, rides. Mid-July through October many local area outfitters offer class III rafting trips as well as scenic, educational 1 to 3 hour journeys, recommended for children, seniors and anybody looking to enjoy a relaxing day soaking up sun on the river. To check out the plentiful wildlife, fish, birds and majestic countryside while listening to stories and history of the area bring binoculars. Inflatable kayak outings are also offered mid-July through September. Many outfitters request payment and reservations 30 days in advance in addition to signing a release, as rafting involves an element of inherent risk. For inexperienced rafters, kayakers or those not familiar with the Wenatchee, the use of one of the outfitting companies is highly advised before tackling the river’s various twists and turns. Costs for outings range from $40 to $90 per person. Prices vary depending on which trip you take, the day of the week and the size of your group. We recommend locally based rafting companies who have an intimate knowledge of the river. Area companies you can contact are, or Osprey Rafting Co.

Our recommended video on Wenatchee River water sports can be found here:

Osprey Rafting

Osprey Rafting Company is the only local company that offers class 4 rapids in their private high adventure put in on the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth, Washington. Osprey’s professional and experienced guides have years of river experience. Established in 1991, Osprey has been Leavenworth’s hometown rafting company for over 25 years and takes great pride in supporting our local community. They also rent paddle boards, kayaks and tubes from their Osprey Paddle Shack. You can book your white water rafting adventure on the Wenatchee River at 509-548-6800.


Not much of an adrenaline junkie seeking the white-knuckled thrills of rafting and kayaking? Would you rather spend a summer day floating down the river and towing your favorite dog and cooler along behind you, getting sunburned? Then don’t worry, because there are plenty of tubing opportunities around Leavenworth. Several local rafting companies also offer tubing equipment and guide services, catering to the mellow adventurer in us all. Perfect for kids and families.

River rafting professionals who say it’s their job to make sure you enjoy more than just the river. Their river rafting guides, the most experienced in Washington, create a relaxed atmosphere with their personal touch and witty sense of humor. their gourmet lunch features now famous “River Recipes,“ and the weekend catered barbecue is fantastic. River Rafter’s say join us it’s a blast! They offer the best river rafting expeditions in Washington state. Mild river rafting to wild river rafting with the highest quality rafts and safety equipment. 800-448-RAFT.

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