Robert T. Denison


Robert T. Denison. He went by Tom. Son of John P. and Edna Denison. Brother to Walter, Richard, and Patrick. Born Sept. 4, 1946 in Detroit, Michigan. Tom passed away at home in Leavenworth on Aug. 8, 2017. He had a series of strokes beginning on July 2 and did his best to recover for 37 days. He will be missed most by his wife Maureen, son Matt, grandson Isaac Davis and Isaac’s mother Rebecca Davis.

Tom had many friends from his long career with Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska where he was Maintenance Planner and Supervisor at Lisburne and Point McIntyre. Tom retired to Leavenworth in 1997. He traveled extensively and enjoyed his hunting and fishing trips. He was a highly organized and meticulous person with a quick and deadly sense of humor. He was friendly and would carry on a conversation with anyone he came into contact with. He loved books, movies, and friends. He was very loyal and appreciated seeing people succeed. He had strong character class and generosity. He was honest, outspoken, and a true friend. He will be missed.

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