Are you ready to ‘Get Mauled?’

Support the Senior Sober by buying mini Kodiak bear faces between April 27 to May 11.

To raise money for this year’s Senior Sober graduation celebration, we will be selling yard maulings with mini Kodiak bear faces between April 27-and-May 11.
Throughout the week, a group of senior students will carefully place 20 Cascade Kodiak bears in the yard of willing, nominated residents for $20. To move the bear mauling along, you may in turn pay $20.00 to move the maul to another yard. Would you be willing to participate?
The bears are waterproof and will be delicately placed in your yard with narrow wire. We are dedicated to causing no damage to yards, flower beds, or gardens. Each mauling will last only one day.
If you are not interested in a Kodiak mauling, anti-mauling insurance may be purchased for the low price of $20. Of course, you may opt out of the mauling or donating. This is meant to be fun for all.
For more information, to secure a mauling, or to purchase anti- mauling insurance, please contact Tracy Baker at 548-1830 or Kim Stine at 206-799-4965. Thank you for your support.

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