Sheriff/EMS report for April 16-22

Monday, April 16
09:35 Parking/abandoned vehicle issue reported at Cedar Brae Rd. MP3
10:28 Parking/abandoned vehicle issue reported at 22100 Appaloosa Ln.
11:10 Welfare check requested at Osborn School.
12:09 Alarm reported at 19189 Beaver Valley Rd. Plain.
13:00 Threats reported at 9791 Mountain Home Rd.
14:40 Sex offense reported at IRMS.
15:01 Agency assist requested at CM.
16:13 Suicide threat reported at 13995 Brae Burn Rd. Lake Wenatchee.
18:50 Sex offense reported at 155 W. Whitman St.
Tuesday, April 17    
08:22 Trespass reported at Icicle Rd. MP1.
09:49 Court order violation reported at Osborn School.
09:51 Welfare check requested at Osborn School.
10:37 Civil issue reported at 18485 Beaver Valley Rd.
11:42 Agency assist requested at 10509 Beecher Hill Rd. Peshastin.
13:47 Warrant reported issued for 3985 Old Blewett Rd. Peshastin.
16:00 Sex offense reported at CHS.
16:32 Traffic offense reported at Chumstick Hwy. MP10.
16:44 Suspicious activity reported at Bavarian Lodge.
17:43 Property issue reported at Blackbird Island.
19:46 Suspicious activity reported at Stetson & Lariat roads. Plain.
19:48 Traffic offense reported at 3300 Hansel Ln. Peshastin.
22:01 Alarm reported at 18800 Beaver Valley Rd. Plain.
Wednesday, April 18
12:45 Burglary reported at 315 Division St.
13:16 Welfare check requested at PD School.
16:10 Non injury accident reported at 10144 Main St. Peshastin.
16:18 Harass/threats reported at 9820 Eagle Creek Rd.
20:40 Traffic offense reported at US2, MP102.
22:44 Disturbance reported at The Loft.
23:45 Suspicious activity reported at The Enzian Inn.
Thursday, April 19
06:43 Hazard reported at Chumstick Hwy. & North Rd.
10:14 Alarm reported at Cashmere Valley Bank.
11:02 Agency assist requested at 3695 Allen Ln. Peshastin.
11:23 Harass/threats reported at CHS.
11:23 Harass/threats reported at IRMS.
16:11 911 call reported at Cashmere Valley Bank.
18:21 Alarm reported at 7375 Icicle Rd.
Friday, April 20
01:17 Alarm reported at 9275 Lone Pine Orchards Rd.
04:14 Agency assist requested at US2, MP84.
07:39 Domestic disturbance reported at 11777 US2.
08:12 Agency assist requested at 47 Luna Ln. Peshastin.
11:17 Public assist requested at 3400 Chiwawa River Rd.
11:54 Suspicious activity reported at 422 Ash St.
14:40 Trespass reported at Dan’s Food Market.
15:44 Traffic offense reported at 9875 Eagle Creek Rd.
21:57 Suspicious activity reported at 131 N. Shugart Flats Rd.
Saturday, April 21
06:21 Alarm reported at Jerry’s Auto Supply.
07:56 Suspicious activity reported at 3740 US97.
10:11 Agency assist requested at US2 & Icicle Rd.
11:43 Agency assist requested at 8700 Stage Rd.
13:09 Agency assist requested at 19764 SR207.
13:45 Alarm reported at Osborn School.
13:55 Burglary reported at 1038 Front St.
17:07 Trespass reported at Icicle Train Station.
17:54 Harass/threats reported at 257 Scholze St.
19:57 911 call reported at 3745 Camas Heights Rd.
20:47 Trespass reported at 1001 Front St.
23:39 Search and rescue reported at Snow Lakes Trailhead.
Sunday, April 22
00:50 Assault reported at Division & Commercial streets.
02:04 Warrant reported issued at US2 & E. Leavenworth Rd.
02:08 Disturbance reported at Post Office Tavern.
11:41 Property issue reported at Hampton Inn.
12:52 Non injury accident reported at 900 Front St.
19:31 Traffic offense reported at 18632 Beaver Valley Rd.
Fire/EMS Responses
Monday, April 16
10:32 CM,CC3 responded to a fall at 12795 Shore St.
11:43 CM,CC3 responded to a breathing problem at 9011 E. Leavenworth Rd.
Tuesday, April 17    
22:05 CM responded to a personal assist at 9020 Icicle Rd.
Wednesday, April 18
No report.
Thursday, April 19
11:02 CM,CC3,CC6 responded to a cardiac issue at 3695 Allen Ln.
22:23 CM,CC3 responded to a fall at the Post Office Tavern.
Friday, April 20
08:12 CM responded to a cardiac issue at 47 Luna Ln.
09:47 CM,CC3 responded to a pregnancy at Safeway.
14:05 CM responded to someone in abdominal pain at Icicle Brewing.
18:40 CC3 responded to the Obertal Mall.
Saturday, April 21
00:04 CM,CC3,CC6 responded to a injury accident at US97, MP178.
05:05 CM responded to an unconscious person at Mountain Meadows.
08:39 CM responded to a medical alarm at 10420 North Rd.
13:08 CM,CC9 responded to someone with excited delirium at 19764 SR207.
19:56 CC3 responded to an illegal burn at 12325 Village View Dr.
19:57 CM,CC6 responded to a traumatic injury at 3745 Camas Heights Rd.
Sunday, April 22
18:01 CC3 responded to an unknown fire at 425 Birch St.

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