Sheriff/EMS report for Aug. 28-31



Monday, Aug. 28

08:26 Vehicle prowl reported at 251 Cherry St. 

12:25 Property issue reported at Hampton Inn. 

13:34 Agency assist requested at US2, MP96. 

13:40 Unknown accident reported at US2. & Front St. 

13:58 Welfare check requested at 330 Prospect St. 

14:38 Agency assist requested at 220 US2. 

15:03 Hazard reported at Icicle Rd. MP1. 

15:07 Harass/threats reported at Leavenworth. 

16:27 Assault reported at 330 Prospect St. 

16:54 911 call reported at 5858 Mountain Lane Rd. 

18:03 Agency assist requested at 11007 US2. 

20:21 Domestic disturbance reported at Blackbird Lodge. 

20:31 Suspicious activity reported at Lake Valhalla. 

Tuesday, Aug. 29

00:10 911 call reported at Enzian Inn. 

00:11 Trespass reported at Icicle 76. 

00:11 Public assist requested at 16400 Cedar Brae Rd. 

03:43 Animal problem reported at 1441 Eagle Creek Rd. 

09:06 Non injury accident reported at Chumstick Hwy. & Clark Cyn. 

09:15 Agency assist requested at 20303 Beaver Valley Rd. 

12:41 Traffic offense reported at 12065 Chumstick Hwy. 

13:24 Water rescue reported at 157 River Valley Ln. Plain. 

13:27 CPS/APS referral reported for a homeless issue. 

14:34 Suspicious activity reported at Safeway. 

17:35 Public assist requested at 13647 Chumstick Hwy. 

18:08 Animal problem reported at 923 Commercial St. 

18:56 Welfare check requested at Kristalls. 

21:09 Attempt to locate/contact person at Enchantments. 

Wednesday, Aug. 30

07:14 Suspicious activity reported at 8734 School St. Dryden. 

08:23 Parking/abandoned vehicle reported at 408 Ash St. 

08:23 Hazard reported at Evans St. 

11:44 Agency assist requested at Blackbird Island. 

12:48 Fraud/forgery reported at 225 West St. 

13:03 911 call reported from 161 Birch St. 

13:32 Agency assist requested at US2, MP104. 

14:01 Harass/threats reported at 14865 Chumstick Hwy. 

14:58 Alarm reported at 17095 Mule Tail Flats Rd. 

15:36 Welfare check requested at 22126 Appaloosa Ln. Plain. 

17:06 Hazard reported at 2685 Cedar Crst. Lake Wenatchee. 

18:06 Domestic disturbance reported at 9027 E. Leavenworth Rd. 

18:50 Animal problem reported at Starbucks. 

19:02 Prowler reported at 2108 Chiwawa Loop Rd. 

20:34 Traffic offense reported at Titus Rd. 

20:40 Traffic offense reported at CM. 

22:08 Domestic disturbance reported at Rivers Edge Lodge. 

23:10 Public assist requested at 7530 Saunders Rd. 

Thursday, Aug. 31

05:43 Alarm reported at Big Y Cafe. 

08:31 Search and rescue reported at Mt. Stuart. 

08:47 Suspicious activity reported at 9090 Deadman Hill Rd. Dryden. 

11:09 Welfare check requested at 10415 Titus Rd. 

12:01 Scam reported at 8580 Dempsey Rd. 

14:34 Agency assist requested at 10280 US2. Rivers Edge Lodge. 

15:57 Burglary reported at 6145 US97. Peshastin. 

19:04 Search and rescue reported at Spider Meadow. 

20:00 Non injury accident reported at Camas Creek Rd. 

20:38 Search and rescue reported at Colchuck Lake. 

21:08 Injury accident reported at US97, MP164.

22:57 Domestic disturbance reported at Best Western Icicle Inn. 

Fire/EMS Responses 

Monday, Aug. 28

13:40 CM,CC3 responded to an unknown accident at US2 & Front St. 

15:57 CM,CC3 responded to a fall at 8002 Old Bridge Rd. 

16:28 CM,CC3 responded to a hemorrhage at 330 Prospect St. 

20:21 CM,CC3 responded to a traumatic injury at Blackbird Lodge. 

Tuesday, Aug. 29

13:23 CM,CC9 responded to a water rescue at 157 River Valley Ln. 

15:37 CC3 responded to a commercial alarm at 690 US2. 

19:41 CM responded to a sick person at Up in Smoke. 

Wednesday, Aug. 30

11:32 CC3 responded to an electrical hazard at 325 Division St. 

12:47 CM responded to someone with convulsions at Mountain Meadows. 

13:57 CM,CC9 responded to a fall at 16125 Meacham Rd. 

15:36 CM,CC9 responded to a sick person at 22126 Appaloosa Ln. 

19:18 CM responded to a sick person at 263 Mine St. 

Thursday, Aug. 31

11:47 CM,CC3 responded to an unconscious person at Mountain Meadows. 

21:10 CM,CC3,CC6 responded to an injury accident at US97, MP164. 


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