Cashmere Community Concerts presents FarmStrong

Cashmere Community Concerts features FarmStrong, Saturday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. The musicians are paid by a onetime Hat Pass; a suggested donation of $8 to $11 per person will be greatly appreciated. Located at the Riverside Center; 201 Riverside Drive, Cashmere. Doors open at 7 p.m. (Photo submitted by Marie Vecchio)


Cashmere Community Concerts is proud to feature on stage FarmStrong, Saturday, Nov. 18, at 7:30 p.m. FarmStrong brings together some of the finest singer-songwriters the Northwest has to offer. They are an acoustic string band based in the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington state. The quartet, with astonishing performance experience between them, mixes a deep history of American stringed music together. At the heart of their sound is sweet harmony as smooth and soft as velvet, backed by a highly adept combination of stringed instruments. The band’s singing and distinctive style of arranging songs from within and beyond the mountain country music tradition reflect a musical chemistry that suggests a group that has been collaborating for many years. FarmStrong’s sound will bring tears to your eyes, goose bumps to your skin, and a voice to your heart.

Jim Faddis, vocals and rhythm guitar. The heart wrenching voice of Jim Faddis is the heart of the vocal trio, and his solid rhythm guitar playing reveals a man with many years leading one of the most revered bluegrass bands in the state, Prairie Flyer, along with Jim’s newest project One More Ride!

Cort Armstrong, vocals and resonator guitar. Cort taps directly into the soul of Appalachian Mountain music, with a deep passion for Piedmont blues, bluegrass and mountain fiddle music. His unique style of fingerpicking on a resonator guitar evokes both old-time banjo and southern country blues, but with a sound all his own. 

Rick Meade, vocals and dobro, banjo, guitar. Rick completes the vocal trio with his silky smooth voice, and contributes the instrumental backbone of the band, with his mastery of the dobro, banjo and guitar. Rick is also is involved with numerous other bluegrass bands, including Rural Delivery, Brother’s Keeper and Me and The Boys,

John Pyles, upright bass. John plays the upright bass, bringing 50 years of bluegrass performing to the band. With his experience and keen ear, he is a guiding force in helping the band form its incredibly distinctive song arrangements. John has been a key member of a local favorite bluegrass band, Runaway Train,

The musicians will be paid by a onetime Hat Pass; a suggested donation of $8 to $11 per person will be greatly appreciated. Located at the Riverside Center; 201 Riverside Drive Cashmere. Doors open at 7 p.m. For more information call Marie 548-1230 or Chuck 548-8663. The Cashmere Community Concerts series can also be found on the web at

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