Herzlich Willkommen!

As Mayor of the City of Leavenworth, and on behalf of the City Council, businesses, and citizens of our beautiful city, I am pleased to welcome you to the Annual Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival, our Grand Parade, and a grand time of fun!

We have been experiencing so much change lately. COVID not only disrupted our lives for the past two years, but it has introduced so many changes, in so many areas, that it seems like we are constantly referring to things as “the new norm.” There are silver linings that have come with the adaptations made for COVID. There are new opportunities created by remote conferencing sites like Zoom. These allow more people to participate in events and meetings who could not be physically present. So, not all change is bad!

And yet, when so much is changing, it’s nice to have some things that have withstood the test of time. It’s good to have traditions that transcend the moment. And it’s wonderful to be able to participate in events that are essentially the same as they were 30 years ago. That history is what makes this festival so very special; it's truly something that is cherished by many! I hope that this has been the experience of many of you, that you have been able to attend year after year, and that you have been able to incorporate the joy of this time into your own traditions!

Leavenworth is a place of stunning natural beauty. Our Autumn Leaf Festival celebrates the changing colors of the leaves each year as summer turns into fall, occurring at a time that is perfect for enjoying the full extent of the beauty that nature has to offer us. I hope you are able to drink it in. Enjoy a walk through one of our lovely parks, Front Street Park, Waterfront Park, or Enchantment Park, and then relax at any of the wonderful dining establishments you have to choose from. Taste some of our award-winning and locally brewed beers, visit our downtown wine tasting rooms and patios, or taste spirits at our local distillery! Please take a little slice of Bavaria with you in memory of your visit here and our festival - the oldest, most traditional festival in Leavenworth. We hope you will thoroughly enjoy your stay and accept our Herzlich Willkommen (heartfelt welcome)!


Carl J. Florea, Mayor


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