Students’ art on display at the Leavenworth library

Pictured are Ryder Hutchinson (2nd Grade) and Sage Chikkaraju (Kindergarten). Submitted Photo

Pictured is the HOME LINK students Submitted Photo

Pictured is the HOME LINK Art Display in the library. Submitted Photo

The Leavenworth Public Library is featuring a scientific art installation created by Cascade School District HOME LINK students.

The display features scientific, needle felted artwork representing biotic creatures found in the Wenatchee River Ecosystem. The student artists range in age from kindergarten to 8th grade.

This project provided an opportunity for students to pause and closely observe the details of the biotic creatures. Students are excited to share this art with the local community and raise awareness of the incredible organisms living in our local freshwater ecosystems.

One student, Second Grader Wiley Free, shared that he “learned about our watershed and the Wenatchee River, and that macroinvertebrates are important for the river.”

“This felted picture of the biotic creatures in the Wenatchee River Ecosystem is one piece of a five month long, in-depth investigation in the Wenatchee River through our Outdoor Experiential Education Course,” stated Daena Medina, a HOME LINK Instructor. The Leavenworth Public Library is excited to display this project through March 18. Visit the Leavenworth Library to see this amazing work of science and art. Visitors will have an opportunity to leave an encouraging note for the artists.

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