Confronting the impotence of the law

A couple of unsolicited emails came across my desk this week that reinforced my column from last week. One was new. One was old. In fact the old one was so old I had forgotten about it and had to do some research to verify its authenticity.

The new one was an oped from my friend Roger Harnack which I offer here because I couldn’t write it any better.

The other was testimony from Darrel Scott before a congressional hearing following the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. Scott was the father of one of the children that died in that tragedy. His testimony is very compelling but not what the left wants to hear on this issue. I have included a poem written by Scott as a sidebar to this column. If you would like to review his complete testimony, I have put the video of it up on our webpage.

Nearly 20 years after the tragedy in Colorado we are still bent on trying to fix the problem of school violence with ineffective legislation.

And I find it a little bit curious that conservatives are now adopting the tactics of the left to invalidate laws they find inconvenient. Ultimately, this only serves to weaken our concept of equal justice under the law. Either the law is fair, just and applied equally or it should simply be abolished.

The bottom line however is that we have to look at ourselves and face the truth that we cannot ignore our spiritual nature. Laws will not prevent people who are morally ignorant from doing evil things.

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