Time for a change - Read this before you mark your ballot!

Before you fill out your ballot – read this

This year’s race for governor of the state of Washington is historic. There are 36 candidates who have filed. That is a record number of candidates vying for the top executive position in our state.

In a couple of weeks voters will reduce the number of candidates to two. Many of those who have filed have no chance of advancing to the general election. Many of them are not even concerned about that. They are running to raise awareness to some issue that they believe needs to be addressed.

Two weeks ago we offered a brief review of the 4 Democrats running against Governor Inslee who is seeking his third term. None of them have a chance of unseating Inslee.

If you are a Democrat but can’t stand the way Inslee has our allowed our state to deteriorate into a quagmire of insurrection, abandonment of the homeless and mentally ill, or his destruction of the state’s economy.  You do have a number of choices.

You can choose to not vote. You can waste your vote on one of the other Democratic candidates, or you can choose to support a Republican as a message to the Democrat Party that they have lost their way.

Washington voters have not elected a Republican governor since 1985. It is time. It is time to reject the failed policies of the Seattle machine. A party that has turned the Emerald city into a national disgrace. A party that has caused KOMO News to run an investigative video, “Seattle is Dying”.  A political machine that has allowed radicals to take over parts of the city, destroy private property and interfere with emergency services resulting in serious injury and death of several individuals.

Of the fifteen Republicans running, there are only a handful that have the potential to unseat Governor Inslee. Over the years I have resisted the temptation to tell my readers how to vote. With this year’s overwhelming list of possible candidates, however, I think it is vitally important to focus on the few that have potential. Potential to remind Washington Democrats that their first responsibility is to serve the peaceful, law-abiding citizens of this once great state. 

First let me say, I am not a Republican. I have had issues with Republicans over the years. Generally, I think there are far too many Mitt Romney’s in the party. In other words, politicians who just go along to get along on serious issues. Politicians who want bigger, more intrusive government. I am a conservative who believes capitalism, free enterprise and limited government are the most important concepts that have created this great society.

We are not perfect, but in the last 50 years we have strayed far from the principles that created this great country. A country where millions around the world still want to become a citizen.

The Democrat party has lost its way. In its effort to be “inclusive” it has fallen for every disgruntled or dissatisfied group that has a cause – real or imagined. It has supported and defended radical candidates who do not understand the basic elements of our Constitution. It has supported the take over of our schools. Creating a monopolized system of education that has brainwashed our youth.

And what has it gotten us? A country and a state that is deeply divided.

Here in Washington, there is a serious movement gaining ground to split the state in two. A movement to abandon the radical agenda of the Seattle political machine.

It is time for a change. That change can only begin if the good citizens of Washington state abandon their fierce loyalty to a party that no longer represents their interests.

Republican voters for their part must come together and support one candidate who can defeat the Seattle machine. There are fifteen Republicans on the ballot. Most are good candidates that would make a better governor than Jay Inslee. But only one strikes real fear in the heart of that machine.

That candidate is Tim Eyman.

It is true that Eyman has some baggage the left will endeavor to exploit. That is true of anyone who will challenge the Democrats for power. They have become the party of negativity. They will stop at nothing to defeat any challenger. If they can’t find some real facts to impugn the character of their opponents. They will make it up. Knowing that by the time their deception is revealed the election will be over.

Eyman has statewide name recognition. He is a tireless campaigner. He has a proven track record of success in taking on the Seattle machine. Most importantly, he is realistic about how his election would impact state politics.

At a rally in Wenatchee last week, JoAnne Prusa of Cashmere, asked Eyman an important question.

“If you are elected, how would you work with a Democrat controlled legislature.”

Eyman’s response was significant. He said he would use his veto power. He went on to point out an important reality.

“A veto doesn’t mean a bill is dead. It means the legislature, both Democrats and Republicans, have to come together to override the veto on important bills. Today, the Democrats do not need the Republicans to pass any measures and they know it.”

Eyman pointed out that today we have one party rule in Olympia. Eyman said he doesn’t believe one party rule is good for the state or the country.

It is time for a change. Vote for Tim Eyman on the August 4 primary ballot.


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