We need to have a conversation – about race

Ads are running all over the major media calling for us to have a conversation about race. 
Here is the problem. White people are not allowed to discuss the problems black people create by their own bad behavior. Try it and you will be declared a racist and a bigot.
That is not just my opinion, that is the opinion of Rev. James David Manning. Manning says, “Black people have to knock that chip off their shoulder..nobody can say anything thing about black people publicly without being called a racist and a bigot.”
Manning goes on to say that we cannot have a true dialogue on the issue of race in America until white folk quit allowing black people to blame them for everything that is wrong in their life.
Did I forget to mention that Manning is black and the pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Red Springs, North Carolina?
Let’s look at a few inconvenient facts.
Slavery was not invented here in America. It goes back to the earliest history of mankind. It was white anglo-saxon Christian men who ended it. Those men felt so strongly about it that they risked their lives, their fortunes and the future of the country to end it.
White southern Democrats have been the primary proponents of limiting the civil rights and equality of opportunity of black people. That is beginning to change, but they still empower negative stereotypes that continue to divide us.
Prime among these stereotypes is the concept of Institutional Racism. While it was once true that black people were shut out of equal opportunities in society, it is no longer relevant. The best example I saw of this recently was watching President Trumps speech to the graduating class at West Point. The graduates represented every race and gender. 
Also, look at law enforcement today. Everytime we have one of these incidents I see police officers of every race and gender on the front lines. Many of the police chiefs reporting on the incidents are black. 
What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was clearly wrong. But George Floyd’s own behavior may well have contributed to the situation. We don’t really know for sure because we are not allowed to discuss it. It was just another example of police brutality. Case closed. Time to move on to the next case of police mistreatment of minorities.
In my memory, nearly all of these cases involved people who at some point were resisting arrest. They could have avoided it by simply allowing the arresting officers to take them into custody peacefully.
The bottom line here is America is not a racist country. Sure, there are racists among us. They can be found in every race and every society around the globe. American society is fundamentally inclusive. We honor those who have achieved success through hard work and honesty. 
Americans are a fair and giving people. It is time, however, that we recognize this latest challenge to our country’s history as the rantings of spoiled and misguided children. 
Tearing down statues, taking over police offices, throwing objects at police are not the acts of a civilized people. You can call them anarchists, or anti-facists but they are just thugs. It is time that politicians quit empowering this bad behavior. It is time for the major media to give us the entire story.
It is time we had a real conversation about the bad boys and girls who are driving this false agenda.

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