The Gospel for Miss Nevada USA

Apparently, anything a female can do a male can do better. Case in point: the newly crowned Miss Nevada USA is a biological male and will compete in the upcoming Miss USA pageant this fall. This one of many examples within our society today, of men earning titles and smashing records within women’s competitions and athletics. However, it is very strange to me, that there was so much push back and outright condemnation for a thing such as “toxic masculinity” from Feminists and another SJWs, yet when a biological male wears lipstick and eyeliner crushes a female’s skull in MMA or steals a championship in girl’s track and field, it is met with cheers and applause.

It just goes to show you that we live in a mad world. Of course, we do. When society throws off any restraint, rejects God and His Law, and says in their heart, “With our tongue, we will prevail, our lips are with us; who is master over us?” (Psalm 12:4), what do we expect but confusion and chaos?

Now some might consider me insensitive, unloving, or unfair for even broaching this subject. After all, shouldn’t everyone be able to participate in any sport or competition they want? What gives me the right to define gender and restrict people’s free choice to identify themselves? The issue has nothing to do with my opinion on transgender individuals in female sports, but everything to do with a basic tenet of humanity and that is, “God created them male and female.” (Genesis 1:27).

As hard as it is to swallow in our world today, males and females are different. Physiologically males have denser muscle mass, their blood has a higher hemoglobin level, and to put it simply, an average man is always going to be stronger than the average woman in physical strength. Put them in competition together, and it is basic biology that a man is going to outperform a woman every time.

Allowing biological men in women’s sports is unfair, cruel, and undermines the whole cause of “diversity”. To be diverse, you have to accept the differences and when we see incidents like the ones mentioned, we are saying that men and women are the same and imposing that view on something biologically untenable. Biologically speaking, a man will never become a woman and vise-versa and for the cause of diversity, we should be accept that.

Yet, with the apparent rise of transgenderism in our society today, how is the Church or the individual Christian going to respond? It is one thing to outright oppose it, condemn that behavior, and back it up with scientific evidence. However, it is another thing entirely to yes, on one hand, say that it is sinful and call for its repentance but also do it with a heart that is full of compassion. It is important to remember that Miss Nevada, and others like him, who struggle with questions regarding identity are people first and foremost. They are individuals with stories, backgrounds, and family histories that often include pain and suffering. As Christians, we are to regard no one according to the flesh (2 Cor. 5:16)—what see on the surface—but see past their sinful behavior, speak to the real core of the issue, and demonstrate mercy (Jude 22). The transgender’s real problem is not whether or not society accepts them or their rights as individuals are infringed upon, rather it is that they are lost and confused in their sin and forsaking wholeness found only in Christ.

The transgender doesn’t need society to crown them with a tiara or place a medal around their neck. They need the Church to lovingly and clearly give them the gospel that can redeem, heal, and liberate from the radical effect of sin and give peace with God and life everlasting.

Although, as Christians, we cannot celebrate or affirm lifestyle choices that are in direct contradiction to God’s standard, we can, however, be very explicit in our affirmation that Christ saves sinners and that no sin is too great for such a great Savior as Jesus.


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