2021 Chelan County Fair Results

Josie Reichlin helping the judge distribute ribbons Ponderosa 4H Submitted photo

Special Awards:

Kelly Leggett        Cashmere
Jered Paine                  Cashmere

Viewer’s Choice Each Day:
Jered Paine                   Cashmere

Best of Show:    Irmgard Eckel        Leavenworth
Best of Class:  Jim Blackburn        Cashmere
Best of Class:  Irmgard Eckel        Leavenworth
Best of Class:   Colleen Reapsummer    Leavenworth
Special Award:    Judy Wagoner            Leavenworth

Adult Crafts:
Best of Class:   Jenesis Hetterle        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Peggy Grant                 Cashmere
Adult Hobby:
Best of Show:     John Wisemore        Leavenworth
Best of Class:      John Wisemore        Leavenworth

Best of Show:    Jim Buchan        Cashmere
Best of Class:     Judy Carrick    Peshastin
Best of Class:    Jim Buchan     Cashmere

Best of Class:   Max Hurt    Pumpkin        Cashmere
Best of Class:  Teresa Gray          Squash    Cashmere
Best of Class:   Jen Cooper      Eggs        Cashmere

Adult Floriculture:
Best of Show:      Alina Gerard    Teddy Bear Sunflower        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Terese Gray        Asters & Daisies        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Michelle TeVelde    Medium Dahlia            Cashmere
Best of Class:    Michelle TeVelde    Colarette Dahlia                 Cashmere
Best of Class:    Maggie Brown        Snapdragons        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Mary Morse        Zinnias            Leavenworth
Best of Class:    Vickie Newberry    Everlasting Flowers        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Maggie Brown        Marigolds            Cashmere
Best of Class:    Alina Gerard        Sunflowers            Cashmere

Youth Floriculture:
Best of Show:     Kairi Fox        Dahlia        Cashmere
Best of Class:     Kairi Fox        Ages 11-16    Cashmere

Best of Show:    Andrew Murdoch    Concord Grapes        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Andrew Murdoch    Italian Plums        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Andrew Murdoch    Concord Grapes        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Bradley Paine        D’Anjou Pears        Cashmere

Liberty Orchards Award: Most Blue Ribbons  

Andrew Murdoch     Cashmere

Superintendents Choice:  

Ricky Martin    Largest Peach    Cashmere

Unique Fruit:            

Matt Cooper    Hops            Cashmere

Youth Department:    
Best of Class:    Grace McDevitt        Leavenworth
Best of Class:    Kimberly Strong        Cashmere
Best of Class:    Emily K.C. McLeod    Cashmere
Best of Class:     Devin Fender        Leavenworth
Special Awards:
Ryker Cole            Cashmere
Ella Claire Gemeinhart    Cashmere
Isabella Barnett        Cashmere
Kaitlyn Greene        Monitor
Daniella McDevitt    Leavenworth

FFA Still Life in Ag Mechanics winners
Grand Champion      Maddie Hammond           Cashmere FFA

Equestrian events
first name, last name, Club, Name of Event, Placing

Greer Swoboda, Ponderosa 4-H,
Pole Key Race, Blue/Grand; Idaho Figure 8, Blue/Grand; Poles Race, Blue/Grand; International Flags, Blue/Grand; Texas Barrels, Blue/Grand; 2-barrel flags, Blue/Grand; Bareback Equitation, Blue/Grand; English Pleasure, Blue/Grand; English Equitation, Blue/Grand; Halter Gelding, Blue/Grand; Halter Mare, blue; Trail, Blue/Grand; Western Equitation, red; Western Pleasure, Blue/Grand; Discipline Rail, Blue/Grand; Fitting and Showing Performance Horse*, red; Fitting and Showing Performance Horse*, Blue/Grand; Halter Mare, Blue/Reserve; Halter Gelding, Blue/Grand; Costume, blue; Groom Squad, Blue/Reserve

Faith Smith, Ponderosa 4-H
Pole Key Race, white; Idaho Figure 8, white; Poles Race, white; International Flags, white; Texas Barrels, white; Bareback Equitation, red; English Pleasure, Blue/Grand; English Equitation, red; Halter Gelding, Blue/Reserve; Working pairs, Blue/Grand; Trail, red; Western Equitation, red; Western Pleasure, Blue/Reserve; Discipline Rail, Blue/Grand; Fitting and Showing Performance Horse, red; Halter Gelding, Blue/Reserve; Costume, blue Groom Squad, Blue/Grand.


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