Local law enforcement, corrections, and support personnel recognized for their achievements and performances

Cy Bowthorpe - Deputy of the Year Courtesy CCSO Facebook

On Wednesday, April 19, members of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, Wenatchee Police Department, Chelan County Regional Jail, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, East Wenatchee Police Department, and Washington State Patrol participated in the Law Enforcement Regional Awards Ceremony at Eastmont High School in East Wenatchee. Administrators from each of the organizations attended and presented their employees with awards based on their achievements and performances during 2022.

The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office presented eleven employees, commissioned and noncommissioned, with awards such as the Award of Merit, Award of Meritorious Service, Support Staff of the Year and Deputy of the Year. Employees were recommended for awards by either their peers, subordinates, or supervisors based upon their actions that set them apart from others within the agency.

It truly was an honor for the Office to participate in the regional award ceremony and to have the opportunity to recognize and support all the outstanding employees we have. We are also very thankful for the other agencies who participated in and coordinated the event. It was an amazing opportunity for us to come together as a regional team and support each other. We look forward to continuing to participate in this event in the future. Below is a list of the awardees and a description of their actions which led to them receiving the award.


Awards of Merit

CPL Jeremy Mannin went above and beyond the call of duty for a supervisor in 2022, surpassing the expectations set before him. His demonstrated leadership qualities were ever apparent as he put other deputies first, recognized their efforts, and asked for nothing in return. CPL Mannin’s high level of confidence and competence was displayed as he was able to foresee potential future issues and handle immediate high-risk situations through development and execution of quality solutions. His professionalism, leadership and work performance reflect great credit upon himself, and the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office.


Elizabeth Hagen, in 18 months with CCSO, she has shown the desire to pitch in and become a valuable and hardworking team member of the Records Division. She demonstrates good judgement and has an amazing ability to relate both to those she works with and those she serves on a daily basis. Elizabeth is consistent, dependable, and displays a positive attitude, even on a bad day. She has implemented the positive quote of the day for the staff whiteboard so that everyone can start their day off in a positive light. Elizabeth has been an exceptional addition to the Records Division.


Sgt. Risdon, Cpl. Lake, Cpl Mathena, Deputy Norton, and Deputy Brunner: (22C12861) On November 25, 2022, Sgt. Risdon, Corporals Lake and Mathena and Deputies Norton and Brunner responded to a domestic disturbance call, in which a juvenile had barricaded himself with a rifle. At one point the juvenile aimed his rifle in the direction of the deputies, however they showed great restraint as they all continued to use their PTI principles of time, distance, shielding and de-escalation. Sgt. Risdon continued to engage the juvenile verbally until the juvenile gave up and was safely taken into custody. All involved demonstrated considerable self-control and composure which culminated in a safe conclusion for all parties involved.


Tyson Mcinnis is a helicopter pilot for the Chelan County Air Support Unit and has been an extremely reliable key asset when called upon for SAR missions. SAR missions are inherently dangerous and have unique challenges, often involving operating the helicopter in extreme weather conditions that include high winds, poor visibility, and extreme temperatures. Tyson has safely flown these missions with precision, poise, and excellent decision-making skills. Tyson’s dedication to the team and flying abilities has been the direct result of lives saved on dozens of occasions.


Support Staff of the Year

Rachel Jones is an unsung hero within the Records Division, whose work ethic is a standard for others to follow. The pride she takes in being a part of the team shows in her attitude and work product. Her professionalism is equaled by her generosity and kindness. She continually elevates the moral throughout our office, uplifting and never has a discouraging word to say. She places herself above all others and truly exhibits the core values of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office.


Award of Meritorious Service

Sgt. Brian Lewis- in 2022 Sgt. Lewis was appointed Team Leader of the newly formed East Cascade SWAT team while still managing the CCSO detective’s unit. He dedicated countless hours to lesson planning, instruction, and policy writing for the newly formed SWAT team. He also balanced the grace necessary to allow for growth, with the drive and passion for creating high performing units. He set high standards for both teams, held himself to an even higher standard, and pushed everyone to rise to the challenge.


Deputy of the Year

Deputy Cyrus Bowthorpe- stood out among his peers through his demonstrated dedication to duty and utilization of his tenacious investigative skills. He went above and beyond expectations for initial responder investigations seeing cases through, some of which extended out of the state, resulting in thousands of dollars being returned to victims, and multiple arrests being made. Deputy Bowthorpe regularly produced high quality work while sharing insights and experience with his teammates and training junior deputies which has played an instrumental role in the success of

CCSO. His expertise and performance, especially when pertaining to complex investigations, brings credit upon himself and CCSO.


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