North Road Cemetery Annual Rake the Fall Leaves event

Orchardist Glade Brosi hands another volunteer a bag of leaves onto the Winton MFG Compost Works truck. Winton MFG and its employees Robbette Schmit and Justine Pulse volunteered to haul a truckful of compostable material away. COURTESY OF ANN PEAVEY

L to R: Kim Washburn, Janet Mano, and Thomas Tilton with the Leavenworth Alphorn Association play for the volunteers as they worked to clean up the cemetery. COURTESY OF ANN PEAVEY

Sabrina Westbrook, Upper Valley Historical Society's Volunteer-in-Charge works to clean up leaves while the Leavenworth Alphorns play for the workers. COURTESY OF ANN PEAVEY

Around 45 volunteers came out to help clean up Leavenworth’s Old North Road Cemetery for their annual Rake the Fall Leaves event at the end of October.




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