Salmon Sculpture Ceremony

Elder Salmon Chief, Darnell Sam. Photo by Carol Forhan

Indigenous artist Swede Albert with the new salmon sculpture. Photo by Carol Forhan

On June 27 over 70 community members gathered to celebrate WRI's new salmon sculpture, created by Indigenous artist, Swede Albert of Omak, WA Swede spoke about his business, Salvage Artistry, and showcased some of his previous art pieces. Salmon Chief, Darnell Sam as well as other members of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation also joined us to perform a ceremony and blessing of the sculpture. Elders spoke about the meaning of the salmon to the šnp̍əšqʷáw̉šəxʷ(p'squosa or Wenatchi) people and their culture. It was a powerful evening with threatening thunder, lightning, and a beautiful sunset to follow.

The new sculpture is located near Barn Beach along the Waterfront Park Trail. As previously reported, this salmon sculpture is the second sculpture commissioned by Swede Albert. The first sculpture was, unfortunately, stolen in February, and has not been recovered. The new sculpture is bigger and heavier and has been installed on a more secure base. It will always be monitored with trail cameras. Thanks to all who came to show their support!


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