Cascade High School Cheerleading Accomplishments

Left to right, top row: Sophia Oropeza-Sanchez, Xiodali Solis-Guzman, Paola Ramirez-Bravo, Emma Radach, and Mariana Fonseca. Bottom row: Kat Kocher, Olivia Estacio, Abbi Carnahan, and Samantha Crossley. Photo by Janessa Subido

Left to right, top half of the circle: Sofia Oropeza-Sanchez, Mariana Fonseca, Paola Ramirez-Bravo, Kat Kocher, Xiodali Solis-Guzman, Monique Copado, and Jocelyn Olguin. Bottom half: Emma Radach, Samantha Crossley, Abbi Carnahan, and Olivia Estacio. Photo by Janessa Subido

The Cascade High School Varsity Cheer Squad attended the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) CheerLeadership Camp at Central Washington University the week of July 10-14, a skill and leadership camp that the team attends each year.

This year they returned home with a bid to Nationals, NCA's awarded trophy for most improved overall team, and six All-American Nominees, along with various individual athlete awards.

“I am extremely proud of all of these athletes for the hard work and dedication they have shown over the past week. They have not only shown what it means to be a KODIAK, but they are gifted ambassadors to their school and community,” said Coach Janessa Subido.


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