In the February 25 issue of the “Echo” I read the letter to editor from Doug Gann or Leavenworth.

Mr. Gann was echoed my feelings as resident that uses Icicle Road daily since our home is dependent on this as well. 
It is my belief that we already have huge traffic & pedestrian problem that will only get worse if the park is built.   As a resident that drives Icicle Road many times in a day I can tell you that on many occasions I have been very close to having an accident.  Currently there are so many cars going in so many directions we a looking at creating an even larger problem. Then let’s add the problem of people using Icicle Road to cross the road.  Now you will add even more foot traffic on both sides of Hwy 2 as well.   Not to mention the many bikers that use Icicle Road in the summer.
Here are other reasons why this is not the spot for a park:
1. We already have a problem of limited parking with festivals.  Folks are already parking on both sides of Icicle during festivals.
2. This park is much too close to the downtown core that already is hurting due to increase in traffic and little extra space.  Not mention the noise for those residents within a short distance from the project.
3. The increase in pedestrians.
4. There is limited parking that currently exists and if the developers think this will be as popular as anticipated…they have a problem as does the city.  Based on their current proposal 69 parking stalls will fall short as Mr. Gann has indicated.
I also know that the business community would love to see more tourists but that does not take into consideration of the residents of area.   They do not have to deal with many traffic problems that this will make worst. 

As indicated before this is a great idea but bad location.  That mountain side is fine just as is and I would like to see it stay that way.  I do not look forward to more traffic at that intersection.  When I moved here over 20 years ago the traffic on Icicle Road was very light to be sure.  Due to the increase in homes and the expansion of Sleeping Lady the traffic is so much worst these days.  
These are just some thoughts as to why I hope and pray that this project does not take place. I agree with Mr. Gann that the City should disapprove the Conditional Use Permit.
Respectfully submitted
Ken Kohnhorst


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