Dear Editor:

Just a note to again try to straighten out the misguided thinking of my friend, Bill Cowles, and perhaps even help some of his equally misguided friends to see the light...hmm interesting church song there...

Bill, this is a quote from the San Diego County Sheriff's office employment site: "From the day you are hired, you will build towards retirement in the San Diego Countys Pension System and you will qualify for several deferred compensation programs to bolster your life after your career. The San Diego Sheriffs Department does this to help insure a high quality of life for you and your family."

Two more minor points Bill. The San Diego County Sheriff's department is 100% funded by tax dollars from the people of the county.

Sorry, Bill, but you were not employed by a corporation. You were an employee of San Diego County working for the Sheriff's department of the County. You are a retired employee of a Socialist organization.

Like it or not, Bill, you are misinformed about what Socialism is. I also suspect there's an even bigger problem here, my friend. The real problem is, you have no idea what Capitalism, Communism or Socialism are, as economic systems, and you really don't know the difference between economic and governmental.

Here's a helpful hint: Government owned organizations, either Federal, State, County, City or Municipality are not Capitalist organizations. They are Socialist or Communist, and that's true even if the government organizations are located in the good ole USA. For you and me in our residences, we desperately need our local volunteer Fire Districts; those underpaid folks save lives, save properties and help the county sheriff folks keep us safe...socialism. Just sayin'.

Mom and Pop, individual enterprises, partnerships, or large corporations owned by share-holders or exclusively by the founders are Capitalist organizations. So, my email is Let's connect and I'll attempt to help you come to grips with what I can see is something that troubles you and shouldn't. Your trouble stems very simply from wrong information; you are misinformed.

Alex Saliby



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