Government vs Private pension plans

In response to my esteemed friend Alex Saliby's, letter 8-11-21 regarding my San Diego county sheriff’s department retirement. Alex, you are again almost half right. My sheriff’s retirement fund is not funded by tax dollars. It is privately funded by employee contributions and capitalistic investments, it is exempt from Social Security, contrary to your wrong opinion. I have seen the financial actuarials. You are right to say that the sheriff’s department is wholly funded by tax dollars. I hope you can understand the difference. Socialism is a non sequitur here and is not applicable. You are the one who is confused between the governmental and the economy relationship, not me.

Now on to the more interesting debate about socialism and communism. I disagree with your very loose definition of socialism vs communism. I agree with editor Bill Forhan’s recent opinion. I do agree with you that in our society a certain small level of socialism is necessary and good. It becomes a serious problem when unelected bureaucrats (the deep state) and elected officials on the power trip and the $$ team up to move from socialism to its more virulent form of communism. Our country is on the verge of doing just that now. I should have sharpened the different definitions of socialism and communism for you. Many of our constitutional rights are now in jeopardy as the Biden administration becomes more tyrannical and censoring free speech via their influence over social media. The democrats now control all of government, except the supreme court, due to their fantastic election theft which Trump won in a landslide. Solid evidence of the massive voter fraud is now being discovered. The Biden administration wants to pack the supreme court and add two new democrat states along with passing HR1 and SB1 which will solidify their political power forever, nullifying the effect of future elections. They want to control guns, instead of the criminals that misuse guns. Why? They are contemplating mandating the mRNA experimental biological agent to all Americans that is not approved by the FDA. Dr Mengele of Nazi Germany would be proud of this mandate. It is now being shown that the experimental mRNA shot is not safe or effective against this virus.  All of this while Biden opened the southern border to all comers, almost two million immigrants to date, (from 161 countries to date) who are carrying this virus and many of its variants, the SARS2 Corona virus and many drugs in addition to human sex trafficking. Biden is transporting all of these covid infected illegal immigrants to cities all around America. Why? Biden is the criminal behind all of this! The Mexican drug human trafficking cartels are the only winners and Americans are the losers.  Masks have zero effect on the spread of the virus, they only show fealty to the dictator who orders them. The massive illegal immigration on our southern border is a foreign invasion and is a national security and humanitarian disaster that we will never recover from. Biden has done this illegally and deliberately to cultivate new democrat voters. Biden and his drug addicted son Hunter are in the pocket of and on the $$ take of the communist Chinese. Joe Biden is the head of a crime family. Biden is violating all the immigration laws as his " injustice department " is complicit. President Trump had that border secured. Trump made us energy independent, Biden has reversed that. Prices for everything (inflation) is going way up as a result. There are terrible crime waves in many of our cities run by democrats and the democrats are defunding the police. Go figure.

  Alex, I am not misinformed like you claim, I am better informed than you because you have your narrow mind all made up and all closed down. I am a conservative born again Christian with a love for Israel and the Jewish people. Several years ago at Fred Meyer you told me of your hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. My wife was born full Jewish and she is Christian by choice. You never did explain why you hate the Jews and Israel.

I know the difference between capitalism, communism and socialism, unlike you. I know the mega damage that unrestrained socialism that morphs into communism has brought horrible tyranny on the human race.  Look at CCP China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Russia, and most Muslim countries and all other totalitarian dictatorships to see the failure of totalitarian socialism aka communism, fascism, Islam. Do you realize a pattern here? Socialism aka communism has never worked whenever it is tried! Capitalism and a constitutional republic with respect for God given constitutional rights is what has made America great, even though we are imperfect. America bless God again!

God Bless.

Bill Cowles



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