Immigrants Welcome

Over seven years ago, a group of concerned community members in the Leavenworth area formed the Immigration Justice Group in response to the needs within our immigrant community. The impetus for our work has become more evident in recent years, as anti-immigrant fervor has reached a fever pitch.

Recently, our group began distributing a small 3” round decal with the words “Immigrants Welcome” to local businesses and organizations for window display. By choosing to display this decal, businesses and organizations indicate a welcome that should be part of our national conversation in these critical times.

As residents of this town know, the Leavenworth economy is sustained by service industries that cater to the tourist’s dollar being spent locally. Many of these businesses depend on minimum wage labor to provide essential services and keep operating costs low and competitive. Many of these service jobs are held by immigrants who are our neighbors, friends, the person you see in the grocery store or on the bus.

We deeply appreciate and are grateful for our immigrant neighbors. Our Upper Valley has and continues to be greatly enriched and supported by our immigrant community. Words of welcome indicate an inclusiveness and a respect for the contributions of all who live in, serve, and visit our community.

If any businesses or individuals would like decals or further information on how they can participate in the Immigration Justice Group, they may email


Linda Kelly


On behalf of the Immigration Justice Group

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