Just say no to the Adventure Park

   After attending the public hearing on April 30 it's become more obvious that the Adventure Park must be rejected. There was massive public opposition with people expressing their concerns about what this park would do to Leavenworth's character, small town identity and quality of life. These are people who really care about this community. In contrast the small handful of supporters were business interests who would benefit financially, some with obvious conflicts of interest. While the hearing had a narrow focus on Code and the Comprehensive Plan this level of public opposition can't be ignored. Yet the City and the Chamber intend to do just that. They are willing to insult and offend the larger Leavenworth community which supports the Leavenworth economy in favor of out of town developers. In the real world this makes no sense. Something else is going on here.

          Later in the afternoon when Mr. Moffett the developer spoke he said that his family developed and operated Snoqualmie Pass. Then he said that he wanted to put an alpine coaster at the pass but the Forest Service denied it. Apparently two other locations also rejected the alpine coaster. The obvious question is why when it was rejected at other areas would Leavenworth want it? Given that 90 percent of the speakers at the public hearing spoke in opposition to the park the answer is that we don't want it either.

Fred Carani



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