Letter to the Editor

Issue 23, 2022

Thank you for your Great article updating the Community on the progress of the addition and renovation of Garten Haus Apts. The Pandemic, State Construction & Cement Worker's Strikes, not to mention getting supplies have created so many challenges to this Project. Walker Construction has done an incredible job with these challenges and been very considerate & accomadating to the Resident's needs & concerns whenever we contact them directly. Thank You Walker for being there for us during this challenging time for all.

I will be in the second group rehoused temporarily and look forward to Vootbox making the last "hurdle" an easy final chapter to what will be a 2 1/2 yr  long Challenge for all. More importantly, we all look forward to having screens in our new windows & sliding doors allowing us fresh air in without insects or foreign critters, or getting our removed air conditioning back to control back to control the Summer Heat. CHEERS to that day when it us here! Have a great day!

Shawnee McCartor, Leavenworth WA

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