Letter to the Editor

Dear Members of Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce,

We were totally dismayed and taken aback by the changes made to the Christmas Lighting Ceremonies this year in Leavenworth. We as a family have always enjoyed Leavenworth and always made a point to visit your lovely city when we visited family in Wenatchee. Several years back we had the privilege of spending a week in Leavenworth during the Christmas season and always have looked forward to returning in the future to spend Christmas there again.

Now that we have a grandson, we were especially thinking about taking him to the awesome Christmas celebrations in Leavenworth. Unfortunately, with the changes made this year, we wouldn’t even consider exposing our grandson to the demonic presence of Krampus. It even scares me to see the images and makes me sick to my stomach. Why would you as members exchange a beautiful family celebration of Christmas based on joyous celebration of light and love and peace on earth for something so demonic?

It seems as members you have exchanged the truth of Christmas for a lie. It also defies common sense in that the changes made you also hurt your local businesses. Most families will not expose their precious children to something so demonic that it would produce nightmares. As stated previously, Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. We as a family will not return to Leavenworth and we have also made known to other family and friends what has transpired in Leavenworth. Those we have contacted feel exactly as we do.

I think the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce owes the Leavenworth business owners, residents, and visitors a tremendous apology for such a degrading decision to expose them to satanic influences. We fervently hope that the Chamber of Commerce will make a future decision to celebrate the Christmas Season in the joyous traditional manner that made Leavenworth so popular in the past.

Respectfully submitted, Nicholas & Jerene Metrokas Vancouver, WA

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