Low income vs affordable housing

I am responding to your Article April 21st on Affordable Housing and once again on this Merry Go Round, no one is addressing HUD Project Based Housing nor Section 8 Vouchers which would easily address the Housing Crisis in Leavenworth for Local Workers. 

Is it because no Developer nor Owner wants to meet the Federal Government Standards for Safe and Stable Housing for the Low Low, or Low Income People, Families, or Disabled in our County or Community to build new Low Income Housing? Thank God for the Wenatchee Housing Authority, Garten Haus, and the few units at Berg Rose up here in Leavenworth or you would have Seniors camping along the River along with your seasonal workers!

Affordable Housing is a misnomer and can be whatever an owner or a person says and depends on what County, City, or State they are in. Call it by name and correctly. Leavenworth needs more Low-income Housing and apartments are the only way a low income person can live and hopefully have a little on the side to put away monthly, for health or emergencies. It starts there or Homes with a MEND like development that provides the Financing for the Low Income, not sending them out to get their own Financing. In turn the Home remains in the Development only available to be sold to another that meets the Low Income Qualifications.

Lets get off this Merry Go Round, call it Low Income Housing, and Address as Such.

HUD Project Based or Section 8, in which a Resident pays only 30 percent of their income after allowed deductions. Work with HUD or Housing Authority to find the best fit for Leavenworth going forward putting those tax dollars to good use. Locals that can invest in this or donate land to an excellent cause, please get involved. Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Shawnee McCartor



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