News Tip: Mayor Florea,

I am responding to your May 4th city letter and your open letter to the

Chelan County commissioners.

This week marked seven weeks since schools closed and six weeks since the

Governor Inslee’s social distancing directives went into place and all

“non-essential” businesses closed.  In other words, “public life”, as

we knew it, ended.  No more theaters, playgrounds, retail shopping,

construction, non-essential work or sit-down meals at restaurants.

Every week since, we have been hearing “the next couple of weeks will be

rough”.  It’s always a couple more weeks.  Well, we are well past that.

Schools have been closed for the year and now people are encouraged to snitch

on their neighbors!

We have been told repeatedly over this time that COVID-19 has a maximum of a

14 day incubation period.  So, most of us have been segregated and isolated

three times as long as required for this virus to manifest.

We all pitched in to “Stay at Home, Stay Healthy” in order that: hospitals would not be overwhelmed;

additional PPEs could be made; the curve would flatten.

Can we agree that the reasons for the initial national shut down has been met

even though we may not agree on everything?  For the last month, the

hospitals have not been overwhelmed, everyone who has needed a ventilator has

received one, PPE production has filled the need and the curve has not only

flattened but is going down.

In addition to this great news, we have existing drugs, and other treatments,

that seem to be helping many Covid patients with their symptoms as well as

numerous private companies trying to develop a vaccine.


You and Governor Inslee continue to speak as if you are waiting for the virus

to disappear or are waiting for a vaccine to restart our economy.  With

Covid-19’s relatives MERS and SARS, there has never been a vaccine

developed.  This virus will be with us for years to come.  The last several

weeks of research has revealed that this virus is slightly more contagious

than the flu but less deadly.  Do you really wish to limit tourists from

nightly rentals, hotels, campgrounds and keep dine-in restaurants and retail

shops closed based on similar rates of infection we have had for decades?

Wake up!

The problem now has become secondary unintended consequences.  Suicides and

domestic abuse are rising exponentially.  Basic medical care, dentists, eye

care, elective surgeries and preventative care has been put on hold.  Over

1.5 million people in Washington have filed for unemployment and now there is

talk of national and world food shortages.  How many non Covid-19 lives will

be lost?

Mayor Florea, we are designed to work, have purpose and serve others.  We are

not just a community of people who are retired.  Nor are we just a town of

people who are fortunate enough to own second homes here.  We are a town and

county squarely based on tourism welcoming millions of people throughout each

year.  But you know that.  You would like to reopen the town “safely” but

keep in mind the world will not ever be rid of this virus.

I agree this is not the time to start a new tradition having tourists lick

the Mai Pole!  However, we can get back to normal right now, today.

Restaurants and retail stores can reopen using healthy precautions.  Nightly

rentals and hotels can safely house nightly guests, keep the facilities clean

and serve breakfast.

Your statements about, “We are not just a bunch of individuals with our

absolute rights.  We are a collection of individuals with collective rights

and responsibilities” could not be further from the truth.  We are a

country based on individual rights.  Caring for our community comes naturally

after we are secure and assured in our individual rights.  The result;

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness” will spill over to our

neighbors and on into our communities.

I have the constitutional right to work and provide for my family. You have

the constitutional right to choose to stay home and protect your family.

Wearing a mask or getting back to work are false choices. We can safely do

both.  If you are immune-compromised stay home or wear a mask when you go out.

But please allow the rest of us to provide for our families at the same time.

If you want to wear a mask why does it matter if I choose not to wear a

mask. Doesn't your mask protect you?  If I wish to get my business up and

running you still have the right to safely stay home.

The most recent scientific studies show that 61% of the transmission is in

the home.  The virus seems to love a climate-controlled environment void of

sunlight.  Wearing masks outside has very little protection for the user or

passerby where transmission is extremely low.

If you do not share the view that the worst of this virus has passed and that

we must move forward as a tourist town, then please step down.  Someone else

can get Leavenworth up and running as soon as possible. Our household, city

and county are depending on it!

Many blessings to you, your family and staff.

Glucklich Bayerischen

Bryan Anderson




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