Parking plans


My idea is to use the Osborn elementary school field as a site for an underground parking garage. I am guessing you could go down 4 levels there and still be above the river. At that depth it allows then for a short pedestrian tunnel about 1 city block in length going under the highway into the Gazebo area just like you do at the (multnomah?) falls near Portand or along the highway there as their parking lot is in between the two directions of interstate traffic. Building in this manner could be done in stages to accommodate more growth to eventually cover the entire playing field if you build deep enough the first time.

The reason this site is good it; 1) It has to be close to downtown - the closer the better, 2) It is big enough site and plan that can accommodate growth, 3) It may need to accommodate electric charging as by 2030 - just 12 years 30% of cars are expected to be electric. (an additional source of revenue as you could charge Seattle area charging rates or more - this would further help pay for the cost, 4) Once done, no ongoing shuttle costs would be needed as elevators or escalators would get people from cars to Front Street with people only having to walk a block, 5) covered parking is also good for summer heat (people can leave their dogs in the car!) and winter sno removal cost!

This would still keep the field on top that could be used for other uses such as soccer, dogpark etc. 

In the mean time the city ought to have paid parking at the high school and junior high and elementary school with a shuttle bus service. This paid parking would pay for the shuttle and start saving funds for the major underground build. 

Eric Kossian



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