Parking Regulations

Last night we went to have dinner at Visconti’s. It was mid-week and 5:30 p.m. We pulled into a vacant parking space along Highway 2. Parking meters were covered. We wondered why a car was parked in front of us and a security contracted cop was writing a ticket for that car. We asked the officer why he was writing a ticket, and he pointed to several signs posted “Loading Zone”. We have to wonder who is creating these conflicting regulations. We wondered why a 24-hour loading zone? Why not post it say during 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. This would make more evening parking available. And, by the way, the delivery trucks usually park in the middle lane to unload.

There were 10-15 spaces that could have been used last night. Some spaces should be used for handicapped people. When we left the restaurant, a different car was getting a ticket. By the way, we have been to Europe several times and never saw parking meters.

We do like no parking on the main street in town. People can hang out by the Gazebo and play in the park and enjoy “Art In the Park”.


Carl and Nancy Babiar


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