Response to Publisher’s Oped

Regarding 5/27/20 In My Opinion, in your own words Bill, “Politicians who have never run a successful business have proven once again why they are incapable to running a coffee stand.”                         
Lets start there in regard to how all this started and the FACT that the US President ignored ALL Expert Warnings for two months, and even now today.  Not only that, but prior to that he brought back US highly trained individuals in Immunology from Labs in China that specifically track and watch for these type of outbreaks working along with W.H.O. in July of 2019 as his budget cut, shelving an articulated “book” on how to deal with Pandemics, and then transferred the Experts to other jobs.  Had the US Team still been in China, this Worldwide Pandemic possibly could have been stopped or possibly never have happened or spread!  Without them, the Doctors left had no voice in China.  US President, Donald J Trump, who has a record of Business Failures, Bankruptcies, so many along with unpaid Bank Loans so that only Russia or China will back his Loans., Millions of Lawsuits with absolutely no Medical or Military training or service declaring the Pandemic is over, because he won’t face how many lives were lost because of his gross negligence of ignoring it for two months and still not supplying the much needed Protection and Supplies.  We are over 100,000 Deaths today in the US and he is congratulating himself on how he handled it and you no doubt, as well.  Encouraging Protests, threatening Governors, blaming everyone/anyone else and only concerned with his campaign which he started the minute he was sworn in if you will recall.  Eliminating anyone that did not agree and do what he wanted. A Dictator.  He won’t even build up our failing  Infrastructures, only his Wall!  And like him and his Tribe, you are blaming others for the US President’s complete failure to do his job, using the expertise that surrounded him until he ignored them or fired them, acting like a Dictator, and yourselves, for not to preparing. Washington State alone has been warned regularily, monthly or more, on Local TV news out of Seattle to be prepared for an Emergency, mainly in regard to an Earthquake, making clear that it could be several months they need to be prepared for.  Clearly here we also have another Emergency to be prepared for on a yearly basis, Forest Fires, and now a Pandemic.   The case counts are rising here and the majority are in the two workers age groups per the Health Dept.  They are exposed doing their Essential Jobs, and so, possibly you or anyone else where they work or shop.  Today the Health Dept says people expose others up to 2 before they show any symptoms.  Additionally, they have found people are testing negative when in fact they have it as it is so deep in lungs it goes undetected.  Rather than normal testing, they have to basically insert a “swab” into upper lungs for a sample to confirm the COVID.  Hence, the Death count is no doubt way off and were treated as regular pneumonia.  There will be more exposure and case counts.  This is not a Flu and it lasts for weeks to months for many individuals that get it unless caught at onset.  Will you or a loved one be one of the victims or die because you rushed the opening with a lawsuit based solely on current death count by your attorney and not case count that the Governor and Health Experts have designated.  Who is really paying for that Attorney ?? We have gotten off easy with our Essential Businesses open, with more allowed safely opening each day.  Lives saved should not be Political.  Be patient, Quit Whining because you weren’t prepared and Count your Blessings! Take care and Stay Safe!
Shawnee McCartor


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