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Support Ann Diamond 

Ann Diamond is the kind of person we would all be proud to call our representative in Olympia.  

She embodies the independent, gritty, selfless determination that represents the best of small town America.  An entrepreneur with a calling to serve, Ann built the first medical clinic in Winthrop.  She also sponsored a local scholarship program, started a Community Market, volunteers in her local schools and serves on a local planning commission.

I know Ann from her work with the Washington Academy of Family Physicians, where she serves as a delegate representing the eastern part of our state.  

I have found Ann to be engaged, thoughtful, articulate and passionate.  

As a small town family doc who has been integrally involved in her community, Ann has a well grounded understanding of the challenges faced by her patients and her community.  

At a time when our state is wrestling with how best to restructure health care delivery to make it more affordable, accessible and effective, it would be invaluable to have Ann in the state legislature leading the way.

I fully support and unreservedly recommend Ann Diamond to be the next state representative for the 12th district.




Tony Butruille, MD


Past-president, WAFP


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