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Sometimes one needs to take a break. I suggest that Echo columnists and some letter writers do so. The following are just some of the questionable statements that have recently appeared in the Leavenworth Echo.

— “Many will remember that President Trump was treated with these drugs [hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin] when he tested positive and recovered quickly.” I have checked a number of sources for lists of drugs Trump was treated with, and neither of these two drugs appears on any list.

— Democrats are to be blamed for poverty, income inequality, homelessness, racial tensions, and the power failures during the recent disastrous winter storm in Texas "because the windmills froze." Regarding wind energy: it was a very minor part of the shutdown, which was caused mainly by managersfailure to winterize power sources and maintain reserves.

— “Socialism” will “destroy good jobs for working Americans,” and push “economic policies that are destroying private sector jobs in the name of saving lives.” Whatever that means.

— Government “does poorly in getting important jobs done quickly.” Check out the recently-passed COVID-19 Economic Relief Bill.

— “[R]emember to genuflect every time you encounter a woman, even if you are one yourself. After all, it is Women’s History Month.” This follows a diatribe on “the type of woman who thinks a certain man is stalking you . . ..”

— Hidden in the classified ads is another diatribe on how Trump “saved many lives, not only in the US, but also around the world” through the “development and approval the covid vaccine [sic].” No mention of the 500,000+ COVID deaths, Trump’s mismanagement of vaccine distribution, his refusal to wear a mask and ridicule of those who do, his labeling COVID as nothing to be afraid of, and his refusal — even now — to encourage people to wear masks and get vaccinated.

— Unless conservatives take back Congress, it “won’t take too much to have all the ignorance in America become one giant glob of stupid … [sic] ‘We the Sheeple’ will be the norm if all the believers in socialist communist ideology and action get together and take over . . ..”

— “I know we will learn from our future mistakes and reason will prevail once the left wing proves its ineptness at running this country.”

— “Liberal backlash is what some conservatives expected IF TRUMP LOST, AND HE DID [emphasis added].” Good job finally admitting the truth!

— One letter writer began with “Trump is the worst president ever if you believe the following:” “You think America should not be great and you hate your country,” . . .  “Dishonest rigged elections are OK,” and more.

            This last writer concluded, “Think about it — God is watching!”

            Yes. She is watching.

            The Echo’s featured press releases and especially the well-written correspondents’ articles are services to our community and our visitors. Blather like the above does no service.

            Take a break, guys.

Susan Butruille



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