Why Vote 'Reject' R90?

Ballots are out. Confused?
Here’s what you need to know & how the Ref-90 works in Washington state:
There are probably a lot of people who are confused – they don’t know how the ‘Reject Ref. 90’ thing works. We hope this explains. Please send this to your friends and neighbors to help clarify information they may not get from regular channels.
Brief History
Recall that, some months ago, we and others in the broad coalition of concerned Washingtonians celebrated our victory in getting Referendum 90 on the ballot. Bravo, but getting it on the ballot was just the first step.
Now, it is critical that R-90 gets rejected---Yes, gets rejected! 
We know, it’s confusing the way that Washington set this up! Referendum 90 overturns the disastrous SB 5395—the bill which the governor signed into law. Currently suspended pending the outcome of this critical vote. If enacted, SB 5395 will mandate the ‘Comprehensive Sex-Ed’ (CSE) curriculums throughout the state, and get rid of local district control or discretion.
That’s why we urge a vote to “reject” Ref. 90, because that is how SB 5395 (CSE) will be overturned. 
Why is CSE so bad? Glad you asked!
We do believe students deserve good sexual health programs, but CSE is disastrous public policy. The contents are so explicit that they “could not be discussed in a public hearing without being gaveled by the [Committee] Chair”, said Rep. Caldier, “yet we want to teach this to our children?!”
Best Wishes,
Michael Dumais, HLW Outreach Coordinator
michael@humanlifewa.or..., 253-517-7733 x204


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