Your Vote, Your Conscience

Let’s see if I have this right. On one side you have a person who is known for his occasional gaffes. On the other side, a person who will look you straight in the eye while lying like the proverbial rug! You have one person who won’t show his taxes, or his school grades. Good old “Uncle Joe”, on the other hand, is an open book.
The “Trumpster’s” sister, niece, personal lawyer “the Fixer”, John Bolton, the person who wrote (co-wrote) “The Art of the Deal”, people who would have inside knowledge of this side-show President, all have very little or nothing good to say about him. Donnie dismisses all this with,”it’s all fake news”, and his adoring flock weeps!! He’s a draft dodger who “knows more than the Generals”. This great businessman has managed to bankrupt himself four times!! “I, alone, can fix it”. Covid-19 should be his time to shine, instead he comes on like a complete failure. “It will, like a miracle, just blow away”. 
In summation, I’ll just add, don’t take my word for it. Listen to anything other than FOX News, KPQ for instance. Do I need to say, I won’t be voting for him? Yet, in an odd, perverse way, I’d like to see him get a second term. He would have a hard time blaming the previous administration. 
Love and Peace,
Charlie Olinghouse
P.S. If he loses and won’t accept it, I say ignore him and let him wander around the White House with the ghosts of Presidents past. It would be great for tourists, and what could it possible harm. One more thing: When “they” talk about socialism, why is it always Venezuela, and not Sweden, Norway, or Finland?

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