Annual County-wide Burn Ban Returns

Chelan County Commissioners signed off on a county-wide burn ban on May 31, that will be held in place from June through September. 


Open burning within unincorporated areas within Chelan County are strictly prohibited, along with recreational campfires, fireworks, and burning trash or burn barrels.

The following are also restricted during this time:

Burning yard waste, such as leaves, grass, brush and other yard trimmings is prohibited.

Burning to clear land of trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural vegetation is prohibited.

Residents may still have campfires so long as the fire is in an approved pit or area.

Restricted open flame devices, meaning using devices liable to start a fire in moderate fire hazard areas

Portable fireplaces are allowed so long as they’re on noncombustible surfaces and burn only natural wood products.

Moderate travel restrictions are also in effect, meaning motorists can’t operate vehicles off the roadway.



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