Cascade Medical Center updates Corona Virus cases

Hi, Rachel Hansen here, I’m the public information officer from Cascade Medical. It's April 28, and we’re still holding steady here. We’ve received 84 negative test results for COVID-19, five are pending, our two positive cases were reported over a month ago. Thank you all for doing your part to keep everyone safe. About COVID-19, we now have more testing kits, if you have – fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath -- give us a call. Cascade Medical is open, because healthcare is essential. Our primary care clinic is open in person and over telehealth. Our onsite lab is open to the general public. We’re going the extra mile to keep everyone safe. We’re seeing a dangerous trend, here and nationwide. More people are avoiding the emergency room, or avoiding their family doctor out of fear of COVID-19. While we are seeing fewer cases in the ER, the cases we are seeing are serious because of that delay in care. I wanted to share with you five symptoms you should never ignore: • Chest pain / pressure may be a sign of a heart attack • Shortness of breath • Sudden onset of severe headache, could be a signal of high blood pressure or stroke • Stroke symptoms, and those are: if you suddenly have a hard time talking, face feels week, you’re struggling to move a limb. • Abdominal pain, especially if it’s severe and accompanied by vomiting and fever With these symptoms time is of the essence, so please don’t try to ride it out. Call 911. Our emergency department is open 24/7, and we’ve taken extra steps to treat everyone safely. Looking ahead, it’s sounding like cloth masks are going to be part of our lives for a while. We have a new video coming out in the next couple of days: “How to wear a mask like an RN,” from our very own Emily Loukusa, so be on the lookout for that. Thanks for your support everyone. See you next week.

Update - 4/24/2020




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