Chelan County Fair is closed for COVID

A virtual auction will be held to sell animals

With the Fair closed this year as a result of COVID, young people will not be able to show their animals. Cashmere FFA has worked out a program to allow students to show and sell their animals through a "virtual" auction. Support our youth and log onto the Chelan County Fair website. To see all of the Cashmere FFA students who will be showing their animals check out our E-Edition.

Submitted by Rusty Finch

Cashmere FFA and 4-H members spent last week washing, weighing and filming their animals for the virtual show that will take place September 10th and 11th. Official judges will view and rank the animals just like they have in years past. The ranking will create an Online Sale Order for the Online Auction that will occur September 14th - September 17th. The auction will open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Fair Board Members voted to host an online livestock show and auction in order for 4-H and FFA members to complete the final stages of their projects. Members acquired their projects in the months of April and May in hopes of there being a Fair. According to Rusty Finch, an Advisor for Cashmere FFA, the virtual show and sale provides a sense of finality to the project and keeps students engaged to the end. Finch said, “This has been a crazy and unfortunate year so far, so I hope this is a positive for our students.”

Buyers can register with at any time. The link can also be found at the Chelan County Fair Website. Buyers will have four days to bid on the animal of their choice. There are three options for buyers to purchase/support a market animal project.

Option 1: Buyers can buy the animal and then “turn” it to the Packer Buyer who will pay a pre-established market price. For example, a business decides to bid a 275 pound hog up to $500 and then “turn” it to the Packer Buyer who has a set price of $.60/lb. The Packer Buyer will pay $165 (275 lbs x $.60/lb) and the business will pay the remaining $335.  

Option 2: A buyer can purchase the animal for personal consumption and send that animal to a local processor of their choice. Typically, a market hog will yield about 55% of its live weight into retail product after processing and fabrication. For example, a fair hog weighing 280 pounds, should yield around 150 pounds of pork cuts. Market lambs and goats should yield just under 50% of their live weight for retail product.

Option 3: Finally, buyers/supporters can locate an “Exhibitor Support” form on the Chelan County Fair Website – Virtual Fair Tab, and mail in an “Add-On” for a specified exhibitor.

Cashmere FFA and 4-H programs would like to thank all of our businesses for their continued support of these agricultural projects.

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