City Of Leavenworth Cancels All-City Block Party

Submitted by Christie Voos, Communications Analyst City of Leavenworth

The City of Leavenworth has officially canceled the All-City Block Party & City Council Social, set to take place on Thursday, August 26, 2021. 


The event was meant to be a bright spot for the community after a year and a half of social distancing and pandemic living. However, because the Delta variant is more contagious, can be spread by those vaccinated and unvaccinated, and because many of the attendees would be children unable to get the vaccine, the decision was made to cancel the event for the safety of our community. 


“Due to the Delta variant, it is prudent that we once again cancel our fun summer event. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but safety is one of the clearest mandates I have as Mayor, and I will always err on the side of caution,” said Mayor Florea in a recent email, continuing “and even though this event would be outdoors, it would draw too big a crowd to guarantee social distancing.” 


The City of Leavenworth is committed to the safety of our residents and visitors. 


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