Goehner invites students to the Page Program

    Most of us don't picture a teen pacing the halls with tasks of the state Capitol, however the Page Program is a program that allows those between the ages of 14 and 16 to be a House Page. Representative Keith Goehner is a familiar face for Chelan County residents and he's encouraging students to apply for the program, according to a press release.
    Students must have a legislative sponsor and Goehner is making it clear he would be more than happy to fill those shoes for those interested. Beyond needing a sponsorship and meeting the age requirement, applicants must get both parent and school written permission. Pages will be in charge of delivering documents, distributing amendments and bills during debates on the House floor and perform ceremonial tasks.
    Pages will earn experience, an opportunity to rub shoulders with powerful figures in government and possibly most appealing - $35 per day.
    "Civic education is an important part of our state's curriculum and Washington state has an incredible page program. I hope there are some students out there that want to take advantage of this great opportunity. I would be happy to sponsor them,” said Goehner in the press release.

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