Leavenworth Rotary - Round Two

President Ken Grosse of Leavenworth Rotary (left) and Tom Boyd (right) deliver masks to Eric Silvers, President, Yakima Rotary Downtown Leavenworth Rotarians at work

Once again Leavenworth Rotary members worked together to manufacture face shields.  It seems after the first 1,100 were distributed the word got out in the various parts of Washington and so it was back to work.  A request was received from Yakima Downtown Rotary for 1,000 to be given to Yakima Memorial Hospital and Sunnyside Rotary for 50 the hospice/palliative care facility.  The respective clubs sent their donation to Leavenworth Rotary so they were off and running. 

Retired General Mike Worden once again summoned his fellow Rotarians to produce a second round of shields.  His first task was to find someone to cut the masks out of the mylar.  He contacted Rusty Gibbs at Gibbs Graphics and they did indeed have the machine to do this task.  Gibbs Graphics was kind enough to join forces and cut all of shields.  Leavenworth members worked over several days to complete 1,200 shields.   They were Joined by Dr. Jenny Vickrey from Confluence Health OBGYN and she needed 130 for her staff as well.   The balance of the shields sold locally.

The total shields made to date: 2,300.

They have supplied hospitals in Lake Chelan, Republic, Omak, Grand Coulee, Confluence Health (Wenatchee), Cascade (Leavenworth), Brewster, Yakima Memorial, Swedish in Seattle.  They also delivered to 3 Fire districts, 3 Dental offices, Leavenworth Security Patrol and many to local businesses.

Special thanks go to Kiffen Fishburne who coordinated all the packing and delivery; with some help from husband John.  Mike Worden for the use of his home and his coordination of the workers.  Lastly, thanks to all the members that gave of their time to help with the making of all the shields.

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