North Road Cemetery Cleanup a Success

Submitted photo Despite a little rain an energetic group of volunteers showed up to cleanup the old cemetery on the North Road on Oct. 16; From the left, Gary Brennick, Jim Humphrey, Mike Wyant, Kelly Richards, Chris Johnson, Katy Kriewald, Natasha Martin, Bobbi Ferg, Tanya Davalos, Travis Hamm, Deb Hartl, Chris & Ron Orcutt

The threat of rain did not slow-down the enthusiasm of the fourteen community volunteers who showed up at the North Road Cemetery on Wednesday, Oct. 16, for the 20th semi-annual cleanup event.  Armed with rakes, wheelbarrows, grass trimmers, and garbage bags, these cemetery ‘angels’ were fearless in their efforts to remove pine needles, pinecones, expired flowers, litter and other debris from the cemetery grounds.

In the past, most cleanup events involve the same volunteers who keep coming back every six months. Chris Orcutt, who initiated the first cleanup event in 2014, was thrilled to see that half of this group of volunteers were first-timers. 

Four of the first-timers were from the Sleeping Lady Resort. Their participation helped make this the largest group of participants for this event.

Deb Hartl, Sleeping Lady’s Human Resource Manager, was glad she and her co-workers could make a difference. Said Hartl, “because of its historical significance, it was rewarding to spend time near the final resting place of some of the original homesteaders to the area”.

Next year’s cleanup is already being planned. Matt Cade, President of the Upper Valley Historical Society who helped sponsor the event, asked Hartl and Orcutt how they might make it more of a community-building event. The idea came out that a community potlatch dinner later in the afternoon afternoon after the cleanup might be the way to go.

Cade asks that if anyone has ideas on how we might make the cleanup more of a community event, please contact Chris Orcutt at or 509-548-0728.

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